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Application of Various Cytokinin in Shoot Multiplication and Growth

Application of Various Cytokinin in Shoot Multiplication and Growth of Binahong (Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) Steenis) through In Vitro

By: Rofadia Khairunisa, Edhi Sandra and Syofi Rosmalawati

Introduction Biological diversity in Indonesia occupied third place in the world that using to fulfill needs of basic necessities and supply of medicines. Utilization of medicinal plant in domestic region become larger in a row with improvement of people awareness to consumed natural medicines. Binahong (Anredera cordifolia [Ten.] Steenis) is one of medicinal plant that have a potention to expand as medicine basic commodity. It also useful to treat any diseases and motivated some researchers to examine their bioactive substances. This examination also need research about multiplication using tissue culture technique. Application various of single cytokinin in different concentration is expected able to influenced shoot multiplication and growth of binahong to keep this plant preservation.

Method The research consist of two experiments that first experiment is monitoring effect of sterilization treatment to contamination level, browning and death. Whereas second experiment is monitoring about effect media treatment in various of cytokinin (AdSO4, BAP, kinetin and thidiazuron) with different concentration (0,50; 1,00; 1,50; and 2,00) mg/l to shoot multiplication and growth of binahong. In second experiment compiled using RAL statistic method with 10 repetations. Parameters are shoot amount (adventif and lateral shoot), height increment, leaf amount, root amount and callus process.

Results and Discussion In sterilization treatment shows addition of 70 % alcohol during 3 minutes gived highest success percentage (92,76 %). Lowest success percentage happend in control sterilization treatment (46,99 %). Shoot multiplication and growth of binahong shows in 1 MST. This research produced two various of shoots which is adventif shoot ang lateral shoot. Average great amount of shoots produced by 1,50 mg/l kinetin treatment (2,10 adventif shoot) and 1,50 mg/l BAP (3,90 lateral shoot). Control media not produced both of shoots. MS media with addition 0,50 mg/l kinetin showed average height increment and the best amount of leaves are 4,33 cm and 4,70 sheet. In every treatment shows root formation with greatest number produced by control media (8,80 roots). Callus formed in great part of explants that planted in treatment media except in AdSO4 (0,50; 1,00; and 2,00) mg/l and control media.Conclusions Conclusion of this research is binahong able to multiplicated by using tissue culture technique. Addition various of cytokinin with different concentration in MS media have obvious influental to the parameters.

Key words : Binahong, multiplication, growth, cytokinin, in vitro