Esha Flora Plant and Tissue Culture

Training of New Entrepreneurs at Training
Hall of Food and Horticulture Agriculture 22-26 May 2018. Apparently not many
know about Tissue Culture

Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale of Mr. Rama. Practice of making tissue culture media

Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale of Students IPB. Practice of Acclimatization

Mr. Anto and Mr. Bopal from IPB visited Esha Flora for a Network Tissue Culture Business Consultation

 Mrs. Ani and her friend visited Esha Flora to consult the banana tissue culture business

Mr. Suska visited Esha Flora told about the nepenthes plant tissue culture business

Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale of Jakarta International Korean High School at Amarilis IPB

Training Tissue Culture and Micro Cutting at Germination and Forest Plant Protection in Banten Provincial Environment and


Reguler Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale

Privat Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale. Practice Initiation

Training on making organic liquid fertilizer

Privat Training of Tissue Culture Household Scale Mrs Halimah

Initiation practice uses laminar air flow

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